Checklist for Online Course Success

The following checklist will help keep you on track for course success. You can also download a PDF version of the checklist [[to be linked]]. [[Also add note about and link to student version]]

One week or a few days prior to the start of course

  • Make course available to students by following these instructions.
  • Once course is available, post announcement in your course and check the box to ‘send a copy of this announcement immediately’.

First day of course

  • Post a Welcome announcement in your course and check the box to ‘send a copy of this announcement immediately’.
  • Monitor add/drop and ‘no shows’ throughout the add/drop period. Contact any late comers. The Blackboard Performance Dashboard is useful for tracking when students log into the course. (Left menu: Evaluation >> Performance Dashboard)
  • Inform students with the add/drop/withdrawal dates of your course.

During course

  • Because the summer session is so condensed, prompt turnaround on email and assignments is important. We recommend responding to students within 24 hours during the week and 48 hours on the weekend.
  • Use Blackboard’s Grade Center. Return graded assignments, along with written feedback, within 48 hours. Inform students via announcement as you grade their work and let them know they can check ‘My Grades’ for their grade.
  • Be present and interact with students on the discussion boards on a regular basis each week.
  • As each module begins, send a “Module in Review” announcement or email that brings closure to one module and start of a new module. In the announcement, include any reminders or updates as appropriate.
  • Have fun and enjoy the process!

End of course

  • Encourage students to complete the anonymous course evaluation.
  • Send a goodbye or wrap-up announcement or email so that students are aware the course has ended.
  • Inform students where and how they will receive their final grades.
  • Enter final grades into Banner within 72 hours after the last day.