The Role of Academic Coaches

An academic coach may include traditional TA responsibilities, but at the higher levels, Academic Coaches take greater responsibility in the understanding of the subject matter. PACE has developed a model for using Academic Coaches in both credit and non-credit programs and can provide guidance on implementation. The following outline of job duties can help Academic Coaches provide consistent guidance.

Academic Coach Level 1 – Teaching Assistant

  • Issue course announcements
  • Conduct basic grading—rubric only—no interpretation
  • Act as a go-between for students and faculty
  • Provide content support for students
  • Escalate questions when appropriate
  • Escalate student issues to an advisor
  • Monitor attendance as needed
  • Provide updates to course materials when directed, or when able
  • Participate in class discussion as needed
  • Host live Q & A sessions as needed

Academic Coach Level 2 – Facilitator

All duties of Level 1 and:

  • Check for broken links, audio, etc.
  • Monitor student progress and communicate with students if they fall behind
  • Keep a record of all student communication
  • Develop a plan for students to get back on track, with instructor approval of plan
  • Focus on student retention
  • Provide more detailed feedback on student assignments
  • Review upcoming materials and update as needed, escalate issues to the appropriate party
  • Review syllabus, course schedule, etc. and update or escalate as needed
  • Work with guest speaker/instructors in advance to install/update materials

Academic Coach Level 3 – Supporting Instructor

All duties of Level 2 and:

  • Content-relevant expertise that enables them to provide detailed feedback given on assessments, discussion boards, etc.
  • Grading of formative and summative assessments beyond the ability of a Level 2 support
  • Percentage of support should not exceed 50% of students or assignments