A First-Hand Experience of What It’s Like Living on Campus

Starting your first-year of college brings a realm of new experiences, and living on campus is definitely at the top of that list. If you find yourself anxious or uncertain of what living on campus will really be like, you’re not alone. The important thing to remember is that living on campus has many perks such as meeting new friends, having a close proximity to those early morning classes and endless options for on-campus activities and events. Want to learn more about the community you will be joining? Let’s find out:

An Inside Look of What It’s Like Living on Campus for First-Year UVM Students

What’s it like here? It’s an intimate and diverse community of thinkers and doers. At UVM, we’re balanced in mind, body and spirit because UVM students seek out opportunities for work, service and play. UVM Admissions.

An Enriching Campus Community

The University of Vermont campus is home to 9,958 undergraduates, 1,371 graduate students, 459 medical students and 1,364 full and part-time faculty. Not to mention, it’s located in the heart of quintessential Burlington, Vermont! At UVM, there’s truly something for everyone – with over 150 student-led clubs and organizations, students will have endless opportunities to fulfill their interests for culture, performing arts, media, service, athletics, recreation, and politics.

Getting excited? Get to know know the campus community:

As we recently shared in our post on college classes at UVM, our undergraduate community is made up of students enrolled from 47 states, with 358 international students from approximately 50 countries. Incoming first-year students can look forward to a diverse and culturally enriched campus environment. The University also offers more than 170 student clubs and organizations, including a nationally recognized student debate team and student-run newspaper.

If you are interested in enhancing your academic experience with student clubs and organizations, you will not only have an opportunity to discover new interests and skills; you’ll have an opportunity to develop new friendships and expand your social circle. For a full list of students organizations and clubs, visit the Dudley H. Davis Center for more information – and don’t forget to check out our local food vendors, comfortable communal areas, cozy study nooks and more!

Living in Burlington

For anyone who currently resides in Burlington, it comes as no surprise that it ranks highly on the Kiplinger’s list of the top 10 Best Cities for the Next Decade. Burlington is also well-known by other publications, including Collegia who recently ranked Burlington #7 for the most student-friendly U.S. city for populations under 1 million, while Country Home magazine named Burlington the 2007 Best Green Place to live in America.

To college students, Burlington is more than just a home to the University of Vermont; it’s a place where they can build important connections, grow, explore, and more importantly, it’s a place they can call home. “Burlington is a lively college town, but more than that,” says Marian Burros a food columnist for The New York Times. “It combines a year-round cultural and intellectual community with a relaxed, friendly small-town atmosphere.”

Next Steps

We want you to feel at home on campus, so in the meantime, explore some of the things you should do before you officially begin college. With activities ranging from speciality events for admitted students to connecting with other incoming first-year students; there is much to look forward to. Welcome to UVM! We’re lucky to have you.