College on Your Terms

Considering a gap year? Take a no-risk, future-forward approach to your academic and career goals.

If you’re one of the many students on the fence—or solidly on the side of taking a semester (or year) away— during this time of uncertainty, the choice to continue your education isn’t only a yes or no: you have options.

The University of Vermont is pleased to provide a variety of offerings to help you keep your academic momentum going, earn transferable credits, complete general education requirements, or earn an academic certificate.

Explore an Area of Interest, Create Your Own Experience, Earn College Credits

Are you interested in taking a specific course such as Spanish? Curious about macroeconomics or interested in taking a deep dive into world literature? A gap year is the perfect time to explore an area of interest and earn transferable credits towards an eventual degree. There are hundreds of course options at UVM this fall, available on campus, online, or in hybrid format for your convenience.

Additionally, UVM Continuing and Distance Education offers a number of academic certificates in fields ranging from computer software to integrative healthcare, providing you with the foundation on which to start building your qualifications and sharpening your career focus.

UVM’s Guaranteed Admission Program (GAP)

Facilitating a supportive and affordable pathway for your personal and professional ambitions, UVM’s newly enhanced Guaranteed Admission Program allows you the ability to demonstrate academic readiness, earn college credit, and ultimately enroll in an undergraduate degree program at UVM. GAP offers flexible full- or part-time scheduling, fully online course options, and our brand-new Enrichment Learning Community. The Enrichment Learning Community is designed to help you build study skills, develop meaningful connections with other students, and engage with valuable University resources, and UVM’s Online GAP is offered at 30% off the standard tuition rate for the 2020-2021 academic year.

Learn More

If you’re still undecided about potential career paths, ready to sink your teeth into college-level courses or prepare for a degree, or have questions about how UVM can help you bring focus to your gap year, contact us to learn more today. We’re here to help.

University of Vermont’s Guaranteed Admission Program Info Session