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The ‘Gangsta Gardener’ Continues to Dismantle Urban Food Insecurity

By Connor Sullivan Since 2010, Ron Finley has been a prominent figure in the urban food system, after he began growing organic produce on a barren public property next to his home in South Los Angeles, California. Finley has been … Continue reading

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Ben Hewitt: Homesteading Principles to Live By

By Ben Hewitt This article is adapted from The Nourishing Homestead (Chelsea Green Publishing, 2014) and is reprinted here with permission of the publisher. For more information about Ben’s book, visit Chelsea Green.  Like everyone I know, we occasionally find … Continue reading

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Composting Food Waste and Moral Guilt: The Limited Pool of Worry

By Hailey Grohman We all naturally have an aspect of the food system that we care most about, whether that be working landscapes, sustainable agriculture, fair trade, or some other subset of the field. However, the reason for our limited … Continue reading

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Why We Decided to Blog

Welcome to the UVM Food Feed, a blog that brings together the voices and expertise of the University of Vermont on a complicated and complex area of study, but one that affects us all – food. We invite you here … Continue reading

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