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Tyler Doggett Explores the Ethics of Food Production and Consumption

Associate Professor Tyler Doggett began teaching the Ethics of Eating at UVM in 2009. Since then, he has written and edited multiple articles and books about the rights and wrongs of the food industry—from labor to consumption to the mixed … Continue reading

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UVM Trip to Kenya Highlights Food Systems, Nutrition & Community

By Olivia Peña A group of 14 UVM students traveled to Kenya for 12 days in January to apply hands-on nutrition, food systems, and community development skills they learned on campus. Students from several majors participated in the Sustainable Development and … Continue reading

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What Does “Local Coffee” Really Mean?

By Charlie Mitchell Vermont is widely known as a haven of innovation and progress for all things related to food and agriculture. We take care to buy local, know our farmer and promote practices that are good for the earth. … Continue reading

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Are Insects the Next Frontier in Sustainable Food?

Mealworms. Waxworms. Crickets. For most people, these words don’t evoke the thought of gourmet cuisine. Two UVM graduates are hoping to change that. While entomophagy (eating insects) is not a common practice in the United States, these and other insects … Continue reading

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Amy Trubek Examines What Cooking Means in the Modern Age

My feelings about cooking are complicated. Sometimes I feel joy when I cook, and other times it’s more like shame. After reading “Making Modern Meals: How Americans Cook Today” by UVM Associate Professor of Nutrition and Food Science Amy Trubek, … Continue reading

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