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Composting Food Waste and Moral Guilt: The Limited Pool of Worry

By Hailey Grohman We all naturally have an aspect of the food system that we care most about, whether that be working landscapes, sustainable agriculture, fair trade, or some other subset of the field. However, the reason for our limited … Continue reading

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Organic Farming’s Deep Roots in Soil

By Maddie Monty Lady Eve Balfour was an early pioneer of organic farming. Born in the U.K. in 1898, she bought her first farm in 1919 and in 1939 launched The Haughley Experiment, the first long-term comparative study of organic … Continue reading

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UVM Researcher Looks to Tackle Food System Challenges

Finding solutions to strengthen the food system is what drives Serge Wiltshire. Serge, who is pursuing a PhD at UVM, completed UVM’s Breakthrough Leaders for Sustainable Food Systems in 2014 and earned a master of science in Food Systems at … Continue reading

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