Why We Need a National Food Plan

Editor’s note: While UVM is a leading academic institution in the transdisciplinary study of food systems and home to many experts, we also occasionally share the perspectives of our colleagues at other colleges and universities. 

By Anne Kapuscinski

With this most unusual and divisive presidential election season heading into its final stretch, the candidates are narrowing their focus on swing states, including New Hampshire. But when they come courting voters, will they speak to issues that matter most to our families, our health, our economies and our well-being?


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As a Dartmouth professor of sustainability science and a researcher who has delved deeply into some of the most pressing issues affecting our future, I believe that food is one of those topics.

Yes, food. Today’s food and farming system is complex and mixed up with many other issues of the day—immigration, climate change, resource depletion and water pollution, not to mention the obesity epidemic and its implications for healthcare spending and even military readiness.  And yet, food issues have been glaringly absent from the campaign trail.

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