Climate Talks and the Future of Farming


Hopefully you are already paying attention to the climate talks in Paris because you understand that this might be our last and best hope of achieving a desperately needed binding international agreement to stifle climate change. If that is too overwhelming of an entry point for engagement, and like me, you think about food and farming constantly, here is a development that might grab your attention.

The capture of carbon in the soil through appropriate farming techniques has been highlighted as a critical component of our global response to climate change. This might seem obvious on the surface, but it is a game changer. This acknowledgement validates regenerative, small farm systems and pushes industrial agriculture to adapt their practices. Pay attention! Care! Here are a few articles that have come out in the last week about farming and the climate talks. Read and digest. Share other compelling articles you are reading. We have important work ahead of us.

Carbon Farming Gets a Nod at Paris Climate Conference, NPR

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US Leadership at Paris Climate Talks Critical to Future of Agriculture, The Hill

The Elephant in the Room at Paris Climate Talks: Why Food Production Must Change, The Conversation

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