Participatory documentation of grassroots food and agriculture in Vermont: @vtfoodroots

vtfoodroots.Imageby Shannon Esrich

@vtfoodroots is a partnership between the UVM Food Systems Graduate Program and the Vermont Folklife Center to document and share emergent and historical grassroots farming and food in Vermont using Instagram.

We are in the midst of an agricultural renaissance in the United States, one that emphasizes smaller scale farming, locally grown and locally distributed agricultural products, and the manufacture of specialty food items crafted for local and regional consumption. This broader movement, framed by Tanya Denckla Cobb as “the grassroots food movement,” seeks to re-localize agricultural output and consumption, and represents a fundamental shift in long-standing agricultural practice and policy in the United States.

Vermont is one of the states at the forefront of these national efforts to reinvent farming, food production and distribution. Farming has held a central role in the culture and economy of Vermont since the colonial period. The current explosion of grassroots agriculture in the state draws on this long history, mixing a legacy of methods and philosophy with contemporary ideas, needs and goals.

Join the revolution and share your pictures on Instagram using #vtfoodroots!

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