Civil Eats Features UVM Farmer Training Program’s Robinson Yost

What does the future of farming look like? Robinson Yost, a student in UVM’s Farmer Training Program, talked to Civil Eats about social change, revolutionary ideas, being a minority in the American agricultural industry, urban planning, and the future of agriculture and food systems.

An excerpt:

“What is important to you about farming?

It resonates with me on a lot of different levels. The thing that originally got me into it which got me excited is this idea that food is the basis of everything that we do. In school I was doing a lot of work in terms of studying colonial histories and anti-colonial movements. I was looking at different ideas about social change and revolutionary ideas, and the solution I came to is that it all boiled down to food and food production. It all circles around this idea of how we are producing food, how are we feeding ourselves. That’s what keeps me excited about it. It could be a really transformative revolutionary thing that we could do in society. And on a day-to-day level, it’s working with my hands, being outside all day. And of course taking home fresh organic vegetables.”

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