When does the Health-Start Program at UVM begin?

Health-Start dates are June 29-July 3, 2020. Students should plan to arrive on Sunday, June 28, between 3-5pm to check-in. Once students are checked in, the program has begun.

Are there prerequisites for the Health-Start course?

No, there are not any prerequisites for the course, it is designed for beginner or intermediate students.

Will the student earn college credit?

Health-Start is a non-credit course so there will not be college credit awarded but all participants will receive a Certificate of Completion from UVM.

What will the student be doing while attending Health-Start as a Residential Student?

While participating in Health-Start, students will attend scheduled lectures and eat in campus dining halls. Outside of the classroom we have scheduled activities, both indoors and outdoors, workshops, and off-campus adventures. Students will be provided with a schedule of activities upon arrival on campus.

What if a student needs an accommodation?

When registering, please provide information regarding any conditions or accommodations the student might require for participation in the program including medical conditions, medication, or other pertinent information about which emergency medical personnel should be informed in the event such care is required or advisable. We cannot administer medications, so should the student need assistance with prescription medications please contact us over the phone to make arrangements.

How much does Health-Start cost?

Due to generous contributions from UVM’s College of Medicine, College of Nursing and Health Sciences, and College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences, as well as support from CFES Brilliant Pathways and the Early Promise Program, there is no cost for invited students to attend Health-Start.

Where will the student be staying on campus?

High school students participating in Health-Start will be housed in a campus dorm together called Central Campus Residence Hall. Supervision will include a Residential Director and Residential Assistants who will live on the same floor. Students will be notified of their dorm roommate upon arrival.

How free are students to come and go when staying on campus?

Students will be on campus from drop off on mid- morning on Sunday June 28th until mid-morning pick up the following Friday, July 3rd. During programmed activities, there will always be a UVM activities coordinator with the students. Students may not leave campus on their own. If you have a planned absence your parent must notify Jessica Akey at jessica.akey@uvm.edu the details. Guests are not allowed in the dorms, unless it has been preauthorized by the Resident Director.

What is the housing like? How are students assigned a roommate?

Please refer to the Housing page. Roommates are randomly assigned. If you would like to specify a roommate, please contact Jessica.Akey@uvm.edu with your request.

How do people contact me while I’m at UVM?

You may bring a cell phone, but it is not required. Cell phones are to be silenced and put away while in class.

Can I have a car on campus?

Students are allowed to bring their car to campus for the program. We can provide a parking permit from Parking Services in order to park their cars on the campus premises. Parking lots are restricted according to permit type. You will be responsible for all parking citations. See the Transportation and Parking website for more information concerning parking and transportation.