Digital Badges Available

Digital badges are being offered for the following courses and certificate programs:

Business of Craft Beer

Business of Craft Beer

  • Business of Craft Beer Certificate
  • Managing Brewery Finances: Creating and Running an Accounting System
  • Managing Brewery Finances: Maximizing Taproom Revenue
  • Managing Brewery Finances: Cash, Income, and Margins
  • Managing Brewery Finances: Costing
  • Start-up Brewery: Determining Your Business Structure
  • Start-up Brewery: Financing Your Dream
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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

  • Digital Marketing Fundamentals Certificate
  • Digital Marketing School
    • Advanced SEO
    • Online Stores and Ecommerce Management
    • Web Analytics and Data-Driven Decision-Making
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Cannabis Science & Medicine


  • Cannabis Science and Medicine Professional Certificate
  • Professional Certificate in Cannabis Plant Biology
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