Will there be an instructor?

Yes. Though you can move at your own pace through the course materials, there will be an instructor present throughout the week to offer feedback, answer questions, and guide you. There will also be a suggested schedule you can follow if you find it helpful.

Is this course appropriate if I have never taught online before?

Yes, absolutely. We’re working hard to deliver practical, foundational knowledge, tips, and tricks that you can use immediately in your fall course planning and delivery, whether this is your first time or your tenth.

Can this course be used to satisfy professional development requirements?

Possibly. We recommend that you check with the appropriate personnel at your school to be sure. The course offers 4-5 hours of engagement, with opportunities for deeper exploration.

Is this course graded?

No. The course offers activities that you can choose to submit, but our mission is to offer supportive feedback, not grades.

Will I have the opportunity to talk with colleagues during the course?

Yes, there are built-in, targeted discussions, as well as open-ended opportunities to connect with your colleagues.

Will I still be able to access the course materials after the course ends?

Yes. We will leave the course open throughout the fall, so you may pop back in anytime.