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2024 EDLP Doctoral Cohort Only. Dates: July 1-August 5; Meets in person July 8-July 12 9am to 3:15pm. Other weeks online synchronous 5-8:15 pm 7/1, 7/15, 7/22, 7/29, & 8/5

Section Description

Improvement science is a framework to facilitate equitable educational and organizational improvements through applied research. This course provides a comprehensive overview of the foundational theories of improvement science, research designs, methods that center diversity, equity, inclusion, and social justice outcomes for learning communities. Students will develop skills to evaluate institutional problems of practice, identify possible interventions, and operationalize planned improvements. Class will be structured as an advanced doctoral seminar, including lectures, discussions, and applied methods workshops.

Section Expectation

Course Learning Objectives & Pedagogy: The 3 credit, doctoral level course has three main learning objectives for students, addressing theoretical and conceptual knowledge, research skills, applied practices, and writing/communication. 1. Students will develop conceptual understanding of the theoretical foundations, designs, and objectives of improvement science education research. We will use course readings, class discussions, and personal reflections to develop competency for this learning objective. 2. Students will develop and apply research skills in improvement science, including identifying applied research problems (Problems of Practice), identifying factors shaping the problem (fishbone diagram, empathy interviews, etc.), assessing levers for change (logic model, driver diagram, theory of improvement), and identifying practical measurements to assess progress. We will develop these skills through applied research workshops using student-selected sites and problems of practice. We will also use collaborative work (e.g., thought partners, research teams) to refine research designs and further mastery of core concepts. 3. Students will develop and apply tools and strategies to evaluate problems of practice from an equity, diversity, and social justice perspective (Root Cause Analysis, practical measurements, etc.). We will develop these skills through reading, discussion, and applied workshops using student-centered sites and problems of practice. 4. Students will refine practical and academic writing skills to ensure work is understandable to a broad array of readers. We will refine writing through structured assignments, class mini-lectures, detailed feedback from faculty, and practice revising and refining final submissions.


Evaluation: 25% of final grade Instructor observations & weekly class notes. Assignment Percent of final grade Course Participation 25% Assignment 1: Problem of Practice 10% Assignment 2: Positionality Reflection 10% Assignment 3: Root Cause Analysis 10% Assignment 4: Practical Measurements Plan 10% Assignment 5: Driver Diagram 10% Assignment 6: Improvement Science Proposal Pitch 25%

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