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Survey of linguistic diversity in the United States, focusing on language and identity of various ethnic and cultural groups, with strong focus on standard language ideology and how language is used to marginalize and justify discrimination of already subordinated groups.


Open to degree and PACE students

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The United States is a nation rich in linguistic diversity: from the indigenous languages of Native Americans to regional dialects that distinguish one geographic area from another, there is a range of ways in which people can use language to express themselves. In this course, we will survey the linguistic diversity of the country, with an eye towards uncovering the connection between language and identity. We will do this through studying the language patterns of various ethnic and cultural groups. We will also learn basic concepts in linguistics and tackle issues such as language in education, and the thorny issue of the necessity of an official language. Throughout the course, we will emphasize the ways in which standard language ideology and the privilege that comes with it is used to justify the discrimination of already subordinated groups, most particularly those groups who have historically been marginalized within the racist structures of the US.

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