About SPCH 1400 D

Fundamentals course in effective, informative, and persuasive public speaking and critical listening. Includes theory and practice.


Open to degree and PACE students

Section Description

Course Philosophy: The art and craft of public speaking can be learned, particularly through a process that establishes and systematically enhances critical and presentational skills. To that end, students will … • identify and employ effective oral presentation skills. This will include the mechanics of voice and speech, as well as nonverbal skills. • identify and practice techniques to manage fears related to public presentation. • compare and contrast transactional and linear models of communication as they relate to speech composition and delivery. • recognize and analyze distinguishing elements in audience make-up, as well as devise preparation and delivery choices based upon that analysis. • recognize, practice, and demonstrate a variety of speech types, both formal and informal (primarily speeches that persuade, inform, and entertain). This will include the ability to determine goals for the speech, effectively research the topic, organize the speech content, and make appropriate/correct language choices. • identify and employ the skills required to speak impromptu, including those skills necessary to present themselves in a job interview situation. • demonstrate their ability to use media as an aid in speechmaking. • identify and employ listening and evaluation skills, offering assessments to classmates, and analysis of presentations.

Section Expectation

This section of the course … • requires completion of all reading/viewing, writing, and presentation assignments on time; deadlines in this class are firm. • fosters a highly participative experience; students should expect to speak (formally or informally) during almost every class period. • requires no textbook. • requires the use of MS TEAMS, BRIGHTSPACE, FLIP. Because experiences in speaking and peer evaluation are central to this course, attendance during scheduled class sessions is required.


GRADING: Assignments & Speeches – Available Points: 100 Demonstration/Process Speech – 10 Demonstration/Process Duet – 10 Persuasion Speech – 20 Occasional/Ceremonial Speech – 10 Homework Assignments & Impromptu Speeches - 40 Interviews - 10

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