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Dates: May 22 - June 16, 2023; Asynchronous online course

Section Description

This course is an overview of the arts and visual cultures of Africa, ranging from Ancient architecture, masquerades, and traditional sculptures to modern photography, contemporary digital works, and multi-media installations. Special attention is given to key moments of contact between different societies within Africa and between Africa and the Americas and Europe. This course is organized as a series of case studies and does not offer a comprehensive survey of African Art History. We will focus on well known traditions and artists from the following countries: Mali, South Africa, Senegal, Zimbabwe, Ivory Cost, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ghana, Niger, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Kenya, and Cameroon.

Section Expectation

This course will allow students to develop a nuanced insight into the and about Africa’s global presence. It is also builds upon vocabulary and concepts developed in Western art history while introducing new terminology and concepts related to non-Western artistic practices. The introduction to these new methods and vocabulary allows students to consider the challenges of politics and interpreting African Arts in our current globalizing world.


Students will be evaluated with three tests throughout the semester, one critical analysis paper, one compare and contrast paper, as well as weekly discussion questions. Rubrics for each assignment will be provided. Each of these assignments seeks to help students strengthen their writing, communication, nd critical thinking skills.

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