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Sexual responsibility and the biological, social, psychological growth, and development of human beings in terms of sex role identity.


Dates: May 22 - August 11, 2023; Asynchronous online

Section Description

This survey course explores the diversity of sexuality and intimate relationships across psychosocial, cognitive and biological domains and through cross-cultural, historical, and systemic frameworks. Students learn how sexuality and intimacy develop, are experienced, and expressed across the lifespan. Overarching topics examined in this course include sexual anatomy and physiology, love and communication, gender and sexual identity, contraception and abortion, sexual health and sexual dysfunction, fetishism and paraphilia, sexual coercion and violence, and the commodification of sex. Students will have the opportunity to engage in readings, reflections, discussions, and activities to explore these concepts.

Section Expectation

To facilitate a productive and safe learning environment, we must commit to engage with one another and disagree in a civil and respectful manner. All opinions and perspectives will be given voice in this class, but intentionally malicious, bigoted, or degrading comments will not be tolerated. If you find yourself disagreeing with a perspective, take the time to “dig deeper” by asking yourself: Why do I believe this? What motivates this belief? Controversial subject matter may sometimes be distressing or uncomfortable. Some topics may be too personal given previous life experiences. If you ever have a serious reservation about a particular course topic or class discussion, please let me know. However, missing a class or assignment will not be excused because of discomfort (BUT you have 2 absences without penalty, no questions asked). To facilitate an open and honest dialogue about sexuality, which may include students revealing private experiences, personal information shared in class must remain confidential. Confidentiality means information cannot be shared outside of class in a way that would identify the student. With confidentiality in mind, class meetings will not be recorded. Please plan on attending as you would any face-to-face class.


A 3-credit class requires about 9 hours of work per week, including class time. We meet 2.5 hours per week, which leaves you 6.5 hours for reading and other assignments. Required assignments include: Class attendance/participation (20%), Assigned readings and content checks (20%), Weekly relationship & sexuality journal (30%), Critical Reflection Papers (30%).

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