About CE 005 A

Fundamentals of statics and mechanics of materials - composition and resolution of forces; the analysis of force systems in two and three dimensions; centroids; moments of inertia; stress; strain; mechanical properties of materials. Credit not given to both CE 001 and CE 005. Prerequisites: MATH 022 or MATH 023; PHYS 031.


Prereqs enforced by the system: MATH 022 or MATH 23;PHYS 031 Environmental and electrical engineering degrees; Open to continuing education students with instructor permission

Section Description

This course covers applied mechanics, specifically introduction to statics, mechanics of materials and heat transfer.

Section Expectation

This course introduces students to the fundamental principles engineering mechanics. The specific learning objectives are as follows: 1) Be able to invoke two of the three main ingredients (or the appropriate subset) for solving mechanics problems (including making simplifying assumptions): (a.) constitutive rules and (b.) the laws of mechanics. 2) Be able to draw a good free body diagram using the principles of action/reaction, etc., to which one applies the laws of mechanics. 3) Be able to use vectors, vector algebra, and vector calculus for solving mechanics problems. 4) Be able to solve for the distributions of forces and moments in particle, single rigid body, and multi-rigid body systems subjected to a variety of external loads. 5) Be able to compute cross-sectional geometric properties of structural elements. 6) Be able to compute stress and strain under various loading conditions. 7) Be able to understand basic mechanical properties or materials. 8) Be able to understand basics of heat transfer.


Assignments 20% Quizzes 10% Midterms and final 70%

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