About CE 180 B

Characteristics and classification of soils; physical, mechanical and hydraulic properties of soils; seepage; the effective stress principle; stress distribution, consolidation, settlement; shear strength. Prerequisite: CE 100 or ME 014.


Prereqs enforced by system: CE 100 or ME 014; Env Engineering students only Open to Continuing Ed students with instructor permission

Section Description

The course covers basic characteristics of soils; soil classifications; physical, mechanical, and hydraulic properties and geochemistry of soils; the effective stress principle; seepage and groundwater flow; consolidation and settlement analysis; and shear strength of soils.

Section Expectation

Class attendance is mandatory. Class presentation on assigned topics related to the course material requires group work, and therefore, an active and equitable participation in expected from each student. The students are expected to actively participate in class discussions on the assigned case studies and evaluate their peers while presenting their work. The reading assignments will be announced through Blackboard. The coursework will most likely require students to spend about 6 hours/week on this course outside the class period.


Mid-term Exam 1 20% Mid-term Exam 2 20% Homework 20% Presentation 5% Case study 10% Final Exam 20% Attendance & Participation 5%

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