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About ARTS 137 A

Introduction to making black-and-white photographs, emphasizing craft and conceptual problem solving. Students gain skill in camera operation, printing, and producing work of an individual nature. Prerequisites: ARTS 012 or FTS 007 or FTS 008 or FTS 010.


Prereqs enforced by the system: ARTS 012 or FTS 007 or FTS 008 or FTS 010; Lab Fee: $120; Open to Degree and PACE students; SART, AHST, ARTE majors and SART, AHST and ARTS minors only; Restrictions to be lifted the Monday following Registration

Section Description

This course provides students with a broad introduction to making black and white photographs emphasizing craft and conceptual problem solving. Objectives: At the conclusion of this course a student should be able to: - Have a methodical working practice - Position yourself in a contemporary and historical photographic context - Use a 35mm manual camera, light meter and accessories. - Demonstrate an understanding of aperture/shutter/ISO relationships and their effect on the photographic image. - Load and process B&W negative film. - Make and edit contact sheets. - Produce B&W enlargements implementing dodging, burning and other contrast controlling techniques, both in the darkroom and in the digital lab. - Participate effectively in critiques, demonstrating critical evaluation skills regarding your work and the work of others. - Analyze and interpret the work of a photographer through the completion of a class presentation. - Understand the photographic vocabulary used in class. - Better utilize visual/conceptual problem-solving skills. - Begin to understand the relationship between analog and digital printing.

Section Expectation

This is a fun but rigorous course designed for the Studio Major. It combines lectures with discussions, critiques, and labs. Students are expected to spend 6-8 hours outside of class time on assignments. A camera will be provided for the class, but students are expected to purchase 100 sheets of photographic paper (a supplies list is provided).


75% of the grade is based on assignments, 25% based on class participation (discussions, labs, critiques). Attendance is required.

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