About CE 133 B

Transportation systems planning, analysis, and design with foci on safety, modeling, decision support, and environmental impacts. Co-requisite: CE 010.


Coreq: CE 010 Open to Degree & Continuing Education students Environmental Engineering majors only

Section Description

The objective of this course is to introduce environmental engineering students to the wide range of important activities that transportation engineers engage in. Since not every topic can be covered in depth, topics that currently present engineers and society with the largest challenges will receive the greatest focus. After completing this course you should: 1. Understand the various ways that engineers or those with an engineering education can contribute to the planning, design and operation of transportation systems. 2. Be familiar with contemporary challenges facing the sustainability of transportation systems (including environmental, social and financial sustainability). 3. Have a basic understanding of the methods, tools and analytical techniques necessary for planning, designing and operating contemporary transportation systems.

Section Expectation

Each week will generally include one lecture and one in-class workshop where students work in small teams. Homework and reading are assigned weekly. Required Textbook: Sustainable Transportation Systems Engineering, Vanek, Angenent, Banks, Daziano, and Turnquist, McGraw-Hill, ISBN 0071800123. You may use the printed or electronic version of the textbook.


Grades are based on exams, homework and workshop participation.

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Kalkin Building 325 (View Campus Map)


to on Tuesday and Thursday

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