About EC 011 ZRA

Introduction to economic concepts, institutions, and analysis, particularly as related to the economy as a whole. May be taught with traditional approach or with strong mathematical emphasis.


Continuing Education students only even after level restrictions are removed; Degree students enroll in EC 011 A; Total combined enrollment: 170

Section Description

The goal of this course is to obtain a basic understanding of the fundamentals of macroeconomics. Topics covered include demand and supply analysis, national income accounting, inflation, unemployment, business cycles, economic growth, and monetary economics. By the end of the course you should have a sufficiently detailed understanding of macroeconomics to discuss macroeconomic phenomena intelligently with others and to understand what is written in the media about macroeconomic events. There are no course prerequisites apart from knowledge of high school algebra.

Section Expectation

This is a large lecture course (170 students). You will be required to attend class on a regular basis, take notes, and keep up with readings (i.e. the textbook). You should expect to do 2-3 hours of independent study for every hour of class time. While attendance is not taken, students who skip class tend to do very poorly on the tests.


You will be evaluated based on three equally weighted tests as well as periodically assigned online homework problem sets.

Course Dates



Williams Hall 301 (View Campus Map)


to on Tuesday and Thursday

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