About CE 255 A

Theory of physical/chemical processes for treating waters and wastewaters; reactor dynamics, mass transfer, adsorption, ion exchange, precipitation; project-based. Prerequisite: CE 151.


Prereq enfroced by the system: CE 151; Design Elective (CE); BioGeoChem Elective (EENV); Tech Elective (Civil, Env); Open to Degree & Continuing Education students

Section Description

This course provides the theory and applications of physical/chemical treatment processes for water and wastewater treatment systems. Specifically, engineering applications of mass balance to physical and chemical processes, including residence time distribution analysis, adsorption, granular media filtration, disinfection, and membrane filtration. The goal is to provide a theoretical understanding and the interconnectedness of various chemical and physical unit operations used in water and wastewater treatment systems. Students will use the concepts learned in this class to better understand the design and operation of engineered systems.

Section Expectation

Students are expected to have a strong background in the subject matter of CE151, mass balances, and calculus.


Design project carries 30% of the grade. The remaining 70% is assigned to homework, exams, and active learning.

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Kalkin Building 325 (View Campus Map)


to on Monday, Wednesday and Friday

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