About EDHI 364 A

An exploration of studies, techniques, and methods for advising and helping skills in higher education and student affairs administration.


Open to Graduate and Continuing Education students only

Section Description

EDHI 364: Helping Skills in Student Affairs is an exploration of studies, techniques, and methods for advising and helping skills in higher education and student affairs administration. The process and content for this course draws from three main sources: (1) standards and guidelines for student affairs professional preparations programs as outlined in the Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education (2) professional competency areas suggested by ACPA & NASPA, and (3) the collective wisdom of current higher education practitioners. Participants will engage in course readings and other materials, along with self-reflection through writing, class exercises, and conversations with one another. The intention is for it to be a meaningful experience as both students and the instructor support and challenge one another to risk, learn, and grow over the course of the semester.

Section Expectation

Attendance is essential to the functioning of the class. Students are expected to attend all classes, which will be a combination of lecture and discussion formats, as well as include group presentations and activities. Coursework outside the classroom session will include: reading articles and book chapters, watching videos, a weekly one-page reflection journal, small group work, two three-page papers, and a semester project. Students should expect to spend 6-8 hours a week on coursework outside of class, with additional time for the semester project. Absences for reasons of illness or other obligations must be communicated to the instructor in an e-mail message in advance of class. Students are completely responsible for assignments due, material covered, and any handouts distributed during a missed class session. Please arrive on time for all class meetings. In the absence of extenuating circumstances or a documented medical excuse, late assignments will not be accepted. Similarly, incompletes will not be given except in cases of extraordinary circumstances. Active participation is expected from all students. Active participation involves critically reading all assigned materials prior to each class, making connections between the course materials and your life and studies, asking questions, contributing in small groups, and being engaged in class discussion. Please note that active participation in class exercises and discussion is not based on the frequency of participation but the quality. For example, really attending to the flow and direction of the conversation so you are speaking with, and not at or separate from, one another. I encourage each of you to challenge yourself to contribute as fully as possible. For some of us, that might look like risking to contribute an idea in classroom discussions, for others it might mean being intentional about waiting and listening for others before readily jumping into the conversation. As standard practice, you are expected to bring to each class session one question you would like to explore and address in conversation, based on course readings and preparation for that day. While we will not be able to address all the questions that are raised in each session, this practice encourages you to actively synthesize what you have read for class and further your own learning. In sum, active participation is about co-creating an environment that nurtures a space for both you and others to be their full selves in the learning process.


Grades are based on class preparation, attendance and participation; weekly reflection journals; a small group presentation; two three-page papers; and a final project.

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