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Security and secrecy in a networked environment. Cryptography: public and private key. Authentication: trusted agents, tickets. Electronic mail and digital signatures. Privacy and national security. Prerequisite: CS 124.


Prereqs enforced by the system: CS 124

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Network security and cryptography comprise two of the many interconnected components of cybersecurity. The first part of this course explores threats to network security. It studies attack techniques and defense mechanisms, among other topics. The second part of this course focuses on cryptography. It explores various building blocks of historical and modern cryptosystems, and their applications. Assessment: In-class quizzes, in-class group work, and homework assignments. Homework assignments will involve a mix of programming work (in Python) and written work. There will be no exams for this course. Course goals and objectives include: 1. Identify common misconceptions about network security. 2. Analyze various system-level threats to networked systems. 3. Compare historical and modern cryptographic schemes. 4. Evaluate various building blocks of modern cryptographic schemes.

Section Expectation

In-person instruction. Required reading: (A) Easttom, Chuck. Computer Security Fundamentals. Pearson Education, 2020. (B) Smart, Nigel P. Cryptography Made Simple. Springer, 2016. (C) Selected scientific and technical articles (to be announced later).


5 homework assignments -> 150 points; 10 quizzes/in-class group work -> 100 points. The minimum passing grade is 60%.

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Marsh Life Sci 105 (View Campus Map)


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