About ANTH 024 A

Examination of the origins and development of culture from the earliest human fossils through the appearance of civilization; the nature of archaeological data and interpretations.


Degree students only even after level restrictions removed; Continuing Education students enroll in ANTH 024 ZRA

Section Description

In this course, we will explore the cultures of our ancestors–their physical bodies, their technology and material culture, the way they organized themselves, and what they believed-as a way to better understand ourselves. We will take a global approach and consider case studies from the world over, and we will peer back in time to the days of the earliest humans. Course goals and objectives include: 1. Understand archaeology as a discipline (its history, theories, methods, aims, findings); 2. Comprehend major events in world prehistory, especially human evolution, the agricultural revolution, and the rise of civilization; 3. Explore important themes in human development, from technological growth and migration to climate change adaptations and sustainable subsistence practices; 4. Grasp the ethical concerns within archaeology and impacting archaeology; 5. Appreciate our role in preserving the past through research, stewardship, and advocacy.

Section Expectation

This course will consist of lectures, in-class activities and discussions, and online assignments. Students should expect to spend ~4 hours a week on coursework outside class, with additional time allocated for the written assignments and in studying for exams.


Grades will be based on attendance and participation, weekly assignments, three non-cumulative exams, and a semester project.

Course Dates



Fleming Museum 101 (View Campus Map)


to on Tuesday and Thursday

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