About CE 162 A

Performing various laboratory studies of flow and hydraulic machinery determine index; computer modeling of hydraulic systems; associated laboratory and project report writing and presentations. Co-requisites: CE 160.


Coreq: CE 160; Must register for CE 162 L01; Open to Degree & Continuing Education students

Section Description

Determination of various flow characteristics (such as coefficients of velocity and discharge) by collecting appropriate experimental measurements. The labs are designed to provide essential understanding of the material and useful tools for future engineers.

Section Expectation

Anticipated topics: Analysis of experimental data. Dead weight calibrator. Hydrostatic valve. Small sharp-edged orifice. Pipeline metering. Osbourne Reynolds number. Discharge in open channels. Centrifugal pump characteristics.


Tentative grading: 95% lab reports 5% quizzes Recitation and lab attendances are mandatory.

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Votey Bldg 101 (View Campus Map)


to on Friday

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