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Critical examination of key beliefs and values in current philosophies of helping, e.g. phenomenological, behavioral, holistic, as practiced in a variety of educational and social service institutions. Prerequisite: Twelve hours in education and related areas.


Open to Graduate and Continuing Education students; Synchronous Online Course

Section Description

This course is an introduction to philosophy of education and as such will have a rather broad sweep across time and topics. We will examine parts of a long tradition that combines philosophy and thinking with social organization, responsibility, ethics, and politics. As we read and discuss, we will cover a variety of philosophical questions, including but not limited to: what is education? what are the aims and purposes of education? what is knowledge? what is the role of education in supporting the state? what is useful knowledge? how are moral values negotiated in a pluralistic society? how are various aspects of identity related to the projects of philosophy and social responsibility? how do educational projects navigate what has come before with a hope to open possibilities for what might yet be developed? The issues we will be covering have ancient roots and continue to flourish. Though time is limited, we will take a quick trip from around 370 B. C. to the present. Despite the whirlwind tour, this course will provide you with a sense of how social issues have been approached philosophically and encourage you to more fully engage with ideas you are very likely already analyzing as you experience them in your work and student life.

Section Expectation

Philosophy is largely meant to be read slowly, repeatedly, and above all, in critical conversation with others. Come to class prepared to raise questions about the reading and prepared to engage in lively debate over the issues and ideas in the texts. There will be weekly critical responses to readings to help prepare for class discussion and to help you build toward your seminar paper. Rethinking and revision in conversation with others is part of this process.

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