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Concepts of law as related to business, including law of contracts, sales, bailments, and negotiable instruments, business and laws of agency, partnerships, and corporations. This course is not a prerequisite for BSAD 118. Prerequisites: EC 011, EC 012, both with a minimum grade of C- ; Business Administration major or minor; minimum Sophomore standing.


Prereqs enforced by the system: EC 011 and EC 012 with minimum grade C-; Minimum sophomore standing; BSAD majors & BSAD minor; Others by permission: For permission email gsbcss@uvm.edu; Open to all Degree and Continuing Education students

Section Description

Business Law 117 gives students a broad overview of several areas of U.S. law that commonly affect businesses. (Business Law 118, a Spring Semester course, furthers this review in more areas of the law.) The course is not designed to turn students into lawyers. Rather, the goal is to familiarize students with general outlines of business law, enough to avoid obvious problems once they begin their careers and enough to know when to call their lawyers.


Grades will be based on performance on tests and the quality of classroom participation. There are no papers or outside projects. Tests will be pre-announced at least one week in advance, in class, and closed book. There will be 2 tests and a cumulative final exam. Typically, each of the tests will account for 25%, and the final exam for 40% of your grade. Classroom participation is crucial and will account for 10% of your final grade. You are expected to be prepared to discuss the chapter(s) you have read and the questions and problem cases at the end.

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to on Monday and Wednesday

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