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Dates: May 23 - June 17, 2022; Asynchronous Online Course

Section Description

In this course students will learn how to link photographs together to tell stories. We'll cover the basics of camera operation to establish a firm technical footing, but the major focus of the course is how photographs function as devices we can use to tell stories. Not as mere illustrations for a written story, but how photographs themselves communicate. We'll build compositional skills, look at narrative vs story, think about how to use images to describe a specific place, and explore the ways to guide a viewer and shape their understanding of what a photograph might mean. This course is fully online and asynchronous.

Section Expectation

Students will need access to a computer and some sort of camera. Any digital camera will work, from a cell phone to a high end DSLR--we're primarily working on the language of photographs, rather than the technical aspects.


Evaluation is based on a mixture of creative projects (one per week), coupled with reading, discussion, and peer feedback.

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