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Open to Degree and CDE students; Cross listed with THE 096 A; Total combined enrollment = 25

Section Description

Experiments in Drag, Jazz, and Beatnik Drama is a performance-based laboratory in which students will engage with foundational acting principles through an embodied investigation of drag, camp, proto-vogue, and jazz aesthetics. This interdisciplinary exploration across movement, writing, sounding, and visual art modalities will support students' journey toward scene study of Absurdist and Beatnik drama of the 1950s and 60s. In this course, we would focus on expressive movement and critical conversations of Black and queer studies in relationship to theatre/acting praxis through devised mini-projects and scene studies of Beatnik and Absurdist playwrights such as Edward Albee (The Zoo Story), Jean Genet (The Maids & the Blacks), Lorraine Hansberry (Les Blancs), Adrienne Kennedy (Funnyhouse of a Negro, A Rat's Mass, and/or A Movie Star Has to Star in Black and White), Amiri Baraka (The Dutchman & The Toilet), and other Beatnik and Afro-Beatnik writers and poets. Although an experiential and movement-based course, the critical discourses that these diverse aesthetic practices (drag, camp, proto-vogue, and jazz) provoke, lay a foundation for students to better engage with the concepts of queer performativity, Black cultural production, and other interdisciplinary practices they may engage in courses across the University and beyond.

Section Expectation

This course combines embodied practice, discussion, and performance-based formats. Students will be asked to wear comfortable movement clothes for class. Student should expect to spend 4-8 hours a week on coursework outside of class, both individual and group rehearsals and research projects. Required materials for this course are: access to video/audio recording devices such as a smartphone or laptop, performance journal/sketchbook, hard copies of script or scene that will be provided as a pdf by instructor, and access to a few costume pieces that may challenge "gender norms" for scene work (Instructor will work to provide some costume pieces such as rehearsal skits, a couple of blazers, but will not be able to provide footwear such high heels/stilettos, boots, sandals, etc.). Additionally, students my want to have some drawing or simple arts supplies for creative practice at home or for use their own use in class. Simple art supplies will be provided for in-class, intermodal shifting practices.


Because of the performance-based nature of the course, work in class (exercises and performances) cannot be made up. Therefore, attendance and participation contribute to a higher percentage of the grade. Additionally, grades will be based on weekly/bi-weekly reading assignments, videoblogs/"MonoVLOGS" for monologue work, and image uploads of assignments, exercises, research, and rehearsal logs from Performer's Journal/Sketchbook to Blackboard's Discussion Board and Module Assignments.

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to on Monday and Wednesday

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