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Learn how to use LinkedIn to build or strengthen your professional profile, find your next job or internship, and grow your professional network. Develop communication competence and confidence relevant to your unique experiences and career goals.


Winter session online course; Dates: 12/27/21 - 1/14/22

Section Description

This remote winter session course will focus on how professionals and students can use LinkedIn to build or strengthen their professional profile, request informational interviews, find their next job or internship, and grow their professional network. This course fits with in the CDAE curriculum because it uses communication theory to describe, analyze, and design online communication with the goal of connecting online communities. Learning Objectives 1. Describe the basic assumptions of communication theories as they apply to communication on LinkedIn 2. Use communication theories to design a professional LinkedIn profile, strategically build a professional network, and write effective messages about yourself and to other LinkedIn networks. 3. Identify how online communication competence can help professionals in a variety of careers or places in their professional journey.

Section Expectation

*Students from any major or rank are welcome! *Students with and without existing LinkedIn profiles are encouraged to enroll. *This course is taught from the perspective of the features and functions associated with a FREE LinkedIn profile. *Due to the accelerated nature of this course, students should have a resume before entering the course. (If you don't have a resume yet, consider taking CDAE 095 Resumes!) *This course assumes that you are using a computer and reliable internet connection to complete the tasks.


This is a remote class. ***The class website will open on December 29; however, work and deadlines won't start until Jan 1-13. By opening the class a few days early, students will have some time to review the syllabus and schedule and start working on their profile before the instructional modules and assignment deadlines begin. ***100% of work will be completed online using asynchronous modules. ***You will have deadlines for assignments (every 2-3 days) and should anticipate checking the course website/doing some work daily. However, you will not have to check/complete work at a specific time. As long as you hit the assignment deadlines, you can do it when it is convenient for you. Students will complete the following activities between Jan 1-13: *Read theory and application examples in 5 learning modules. *Your LinkedIn Profile Assignment *5 Communication Builder Activities (which require students to read and apply communication theory to short reflections and actual LinkedIn messages) 1. Headline & Summary 2. Personalized Connection Message 3. Informational Interview Request 4. Keywords

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