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Winter session online course; Dates: 12/27/2021 - 01/14/2022; Open to Degree and CDE students

Section Description

I've developed this course in order to help you find your own answer to the question "What do you want to do after you graduate?” Most Liberal Arts majors aren’t, strictly speaking, pre-professional degrees. There are so very many directions you can go! So I've tried to keep this course very flexible, so that it will appeal to a broad variety of majors. We will be, generally, doing 3 things together: • Developing ways to analyze your past experiences, looking for patterns that suggest future directions • Developing understandings of what skills and knowledge you've developed as a student • Relating skills, interests and goals to a range of possible careers By the end of the course, you'll have • drafted job-seeking documents (a resume and a cover letter) • articulated a plan for exploring career possibilities • made an action plan to guide your next steps • identified resources that you can continue to draw on in your steps toward a career

Section Expectation

Your work is a combination of private journalling and reflecting, public conversation on the discussion board, and--in the last half of the course--formal writing that will be shared in groups and with me.


15% looking back at your experiences 25% exploring career possibilities 50% cover letter and resume work We use contract grading, where points are awarded based on completion of assignments (both private assignments and discussion board or group work).

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