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Introduction to the visual arts, primarily painting, sculpture, and architecture in the Western world from prehistoric through Gothic.


CDE students only even after level restrictions removed; Degree students enroll in ARTH 005 A

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In this course, we will examine various visual and material records of human civilization, ranging from Paleolithic cave paintings to monuments of medieval architecture (ca. 40,000 BCE-1350 CE). Focusing on the art of the ‘West’ (mainly Europe), we will come to understand how art expressed the ideas, beliefs, and values that were important to diverse populations. In addition to exploring art historical concepts such as style, form, and technique, we will examine the social, political, economic, and religious contexts that inflected the making and meaning of art. Via assignments and in-class activities, students will investigate major recurring themes and issues in the history of Western art that are relevant today, such as: the artistic legacy of Greco-Roman antiquity, the role of art in religious practices, definitions of ‘beauty,’ and art as political expression.

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