About CS 091 C

Assist in instruction of undergraduate computer science courses under the direct supervision of a faculty member. Duties may include grading, office hours, laboratory and/or recitation instruction, or other related activities. Instructor permission required. Prerequisite: Instructor Permission.


Open to Degree and CDE students; Instructor permission; Contact department for time and location details

Section Description

This section is for students who will serve as a Teaching Assistant for a course or courses taught by the instructor listed. Students taking this course will solidify their understanding of the relevant course materials and of the student learning experience by holding office hours, proctoring labs, and/or grading assignments and communicating with the instructor regularly.

Section Expectation

You will be expected to work 4 hrs per week for each credit hour you register for. You will be held responsible for the duties assigned to you at the beginning of the semester and will be expected to reliably fulfill those expectations to the highest quality.


Your grade will be determined from the quality of your assigned duties, your time management skills, and communication with the instructor.

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