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Survey of women's literary tradition in English. Focuses on the ways women have written, read, written about, and been represented in 19th and 20th century literature. Cross-listed with: GSWS 042.


Open to Degree and CDE students; Crosslist with GSWS 042; Total enrollment = 60

Section Description

"In Search of Our Mothers' Gardens" This course searches for the literary legacy of our mothers by examining the contributions of women to English speaking literary cultures from the earliest periods through today. This course has two goals. One is to provide an historical overview of the major periods and genres of literary history. The other is to introduce students to some of the critical questions ands methodologies of feminist literary studies. Readings will include poetry, drama, fiction and non-fiction prose beginning with Old English "Women's Songs" and ending with Claudia Rankin's "Citizen." Cross-lists with GSWS42 Cross-lists as Eng42. Feel free to contact me for more information

Section Expectation

Primarily lecture and discussion oriented, you'll be asked to keep up with the readings, participate actively in class and virtual discussion, submit Blog Entries, write a very short essay and take unit exams. Designed for non-English majors as well as current or prospective English/GSWS majors or minors.


Informal blog, discussion board and close reading exercises; a short essay and section exams.

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Harris Hall 115 (View Campus Map)


to on Tuesday and Thursday

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