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Discrete and continuous dynamical systems, Julia sets, the Mandelbrot set, period doubling, renormalization, Henon map, phase plane analysis, and Lorenz equations. Prerequisite: MATH 122 or MATH 124. CS 020 or CS 021 recommended. Cross-listed with: MATH 266.


Prereqs enforced by the system: MATH 122 or MATH 124; Open to Degree and CDE students; Cross listed with MATH 266; Total combined enrollment: 40 Synchronous online

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This course investigates the mathematical phenomenon of 'chaos' encountered when attempting to predict the future state of any complex system. The Earth's atmosphere represents the hallmark example of chaotic behavior; famously rendered in the metaphor of a butterfly flapping its wings in Brazil setting off a tornado weeks later in Texas. Former undergraduate and graduate students in math, physics, computer science, engineering, biology, and a few other areas have broadened their understanding of mathematical modeling of nonlinear dynamical systems through this course. System behavior that experiences bifurcations from one attracting state to another will be understood from a theoretical, experimental, and numerical perspective.

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The course is mainly lecture based, with interaction taking place outside of the class through a course twitter account and weekly HW help sessions during office hours. The course requires some experience with Linear Algebra, and programing experience is suggested (but not required).


Weekly assignments (12 total) consist of 5 questions (4 textbook questions and a single programming exercise). There will be a pair of take-home exams at the midpoint and end of the course. HW and Exams are weighted equally.

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