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Introduction to the field of gender, sexuality, and women's studies. Topics include key theoretical approaches to conceptualizing gender, sexuality, and power; how gender and sexuality are policed; and the relationship between gender, sexuality, and other social categories.


Open to Degree and CE Students.

Section Description

GSWS 001 introduces you to feminist perspectives from the period of the beginning of the women's movement to our contemporary society. The course focuses on ways in which these perspectives reflect power-struggles on personal as well as political levels. Concepts such as equality, gender identity, sexuality, work, parenting, marriage, religion, culture, and health will be discussed and viewed from theoretical and personal perspectives throughout the course. We will achieve a better understanding of ways in which gender and sexuality are shaped by society, culture, and history, and the political and psychological consequences thereof. Exploring ways in which categories of sex and gender intersect with each other as well as with those of race and class, we will ask ourselves how we bring about changes that affect us all positively. In the context of trying to answer that question and many more, we will delve into personal experiences, theoretical perspectives, as well as film and fiction.

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to on Tuesday and Thursday

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