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Designed for dancers, actors, athletes, and more. Introduces the language, philosophy, history, and concepts of Yoga. Emphasis on asanas (poses) for increased flexibility, improved health, relaxation, and reduced stress in daily living. Appropriate for all levels of fitness.


Open to Degree and CDE students

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University of Vermont Julie Peoples-Clark, Lecturer in Dance jpeoples@uvm.edu Office hours: meeting with instructor by appointment NO CELL PHONE ALLOWED ON YOGA MATS. PHONES MUST BE SILENCED DURING CLASS. Required materials Yoga mat Journal (recommended, not required) Objectives • To understand and apply the underlying concepts of Yoga. • To promote knowledge and awareness of skeletal alignment and body mechanics, emphasizing a safe and intelligent use of the body. • To cultivate breath control, relaxation techniques and kinesthetic awareness. • To develop a working knowledge of selected asanas and vinyasa sequences. • To increase strength, co-ordination, balance, flexibility and range of motion. • To recognize and apply the value and benefits of an on-going yoga practice. • To develop a personal ongoing yoga home practice. Course Description This class offers knowledge and skills to keep fit for life.  It teaches safe performance of movement and exercise in a progressive approach and offers an opportunity to improve and/or maintain a high level of fitness through application of conditioning principles.  This class is designed for dancers, however everyone is welcome.  Students are encouraged to understand their own limitations and work within their bounds. In particular, this class introduces the values and skills of Hatha Yoga (Yoga of exercise) to the beginning student and offers opportunities to expand knowledge, applications and skills in routines for the experienced student.  All students will be given the tools to reduce tension, increase energy levels, move efficiently, reconnect to Self-awareness, learn about Your body and get fit!  The poses and flows are adaptable and can be personalized for any level of fitness.  The class is designed to take you through a journey of your own body, introducing you to a way of moving with your own inner rhythm.  The course includes teacher directed activity and opportunities for self-paced practice.  You will physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally condition yourself and experience just how much depth there is in each pose and flow when you change focus and intention. The emphasis of the class will be on asanas (poses) for increased flexibility, improved health, relaxation, and reduced stress in daily living.  Class participants will also be exposed to the language, philosophy, history, and concepts of Yoga.  A typical class will include breathing techniques, meditation, and asana practice, including standing, balancing, and inverted poses. Attire • Suitable workout attire (leotards, tights, sweats, shorts, T-shirt) required.  “Street clothes” are unacceptable. Dress in layers, the studio can be cold. • Bring your own Yoga mat (required)  A small towel is recommended for sweaty hands. • Movement is practiced in bare feet (socks optional for seated meditation only) • Hair will not be permitted to hang in the face. Live Dance Performance Attendance Students are required to attend one live dance performance/event (list distributed separately). Write two to three pages review about the show. Include aspects of set design, costume, lighting, movement, and music. In this paper, you will balance your analytical, descriptive and critical voices. Your review must be submitted one week after the show. Pay attention to discounted prices. Attendance/Grading Attendance is important in any field, but vital in this yoga class. Learning yoga requires that your body do it. You won’t gain in flexibility, and strength watching class or reading a book. In other words, there is no way to make up the material you miss. STUDENTS ARE EXPECTED TO BE IN EVERY CLASS ON TIME WITH ALL REQUIRED MATERIALS. If you are more then 5 minutes late you will be marked absent. You will not be excused for conflicting appointments, please do not schedule other appointments at this class time. However, knowing that unpredictable circumstances can arise, students are granted 1 absence that will not alter their grade (excused and unexcused) before their grade is affected. After that, every absence drops the active participation final grade down by one letter. Any absence over 4 will result in the failure of the course. Grading 80% Assessment of in-class work including attendance 20% Live performance response

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