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Selected texts from the beginnings to the late 18th century. Explores periodization, genre, key terms and concepts through close reading and critical analysis. Fulfills major requirements; open to non-majors.


Open to Degree and CDE students

Section Description

English 21 is intended primarily as the foundation for the study of English literature. With special attention to the concept of studying literature in historical contexts, this section will focus primarily on three moments of transition in the development of the English literary tradition: 1) the pagan-Germanic origins of written literature in Old English (e.g. Beowulf) as these were transformed by the arrival of and cultural consolidation of Christianity after the fall of the Roman Empire; 2) the problematization in the Renaissance of that “Christian” worldview under the pressure of Humanism, the deep engagement with and imitation of classical texts from the Greco-Roman tradition; and 3) the movement toward a modern sensibility in the late-seventeenth century and eighteenth century as evidenced by the rise of the novel and the emergence of the Romantic tradition in poetry.

Section Expectation

Faithful attendance; a willingness to read the unfamilar; to think about the relationship between ideas and artistic expression; to commit to a learning process.


Rigorous but fair.

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Rowell N/A Hlth 110 (View Campus Map)


to on Tuesday and Thursday

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