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Winter Session course Dec 27 - Jan 14, 2022; Open to Degree and CDE students

Section Description

This course is suited for those students desiring a science elective on an interesting plant, learning some of its botany, history, and horticultural care. It will be of interest too for any interested in beer and knowing more about one of its main ingredients, or for homebrewers wanting to grow their own hops. Ornamental uses in the landscape are another benefit of this vine…>>>This completely online course is based on the main parts (specific pages to be given) of two small and inexpensive texts, as well as supplemental documents on blackboard from the instructor and others, and appropriate website links. The two tests will be based on the objectives, one test on each, are open book, untimed and done online. They are designed to reinforce student’s familiarity with the material, to synthesize various topics, and to problem solve…>>>The final exercise will pull together all the material covered, from selecting what hops to grow, how many, spacing, type of support, through care to the ultimate goal—timing of harvest, proper drying and storage. You will first develop a plan including varieties chosen and why, layout including type of support and siting and spacing. You then will develop a timeline of what activities are necessary, and when, over the first three years of establishment. Grading and suggestions on both will be given by the instructor. The result will be a plan, both of layout and over time, ready to be implemented in this or other spring season….>>>Email contact between professor and students is used as needed and to share information and course updates.

Section Expectation

1. Learn details on the most common hop varieties, the simple science behind what makes them unique and different from each other, their geographical and historical origins, and their uses in brewing… 2. Obtain the basic horticultural knowledge of proper siting including landscape uses, types of trellises or supports, soil preparation and fertility, planting, subsequent care, ending with timing of harvest and drying… 3. Develop a plan for a home hops planting or hopyard, together with 3-year plan and timeline, from planting through subsequent care


(800 points total) Tests (2 at 200 points each, 25 questions each, on Blackboard, based on texts and webpages or documents provided), Plan and timeline (400 points, emailed to instructor for feedback and grading)

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