About NFS 073 A

This course provides an introduction to the contemporary food system, focusing on the interdependence of all components, from farm to table.


NFS, DNFS and FS undergrad 1st year majors only or instructor permission

Section Description

Most of us know very little about the vast system of agricultural production, food processing, distribution, retailing, marketing, and catering that influences every food choice we make. Neither do we understand the cultural, political, and economic forces influencing food systems. In this course, we will explore the structure and function of contemporary food systems, and connect and compare these systems to historical processes and models. We will ask questions about how the systems developed, the problems they are trying to solve, the unintended consequences, and the ways that they are and might be challenged and improved. In so doing, this course will introduce students to the broad, interdisciplinary type of thinking required to make sense of food systems.

Section Expectation

Expectations include attendance, participation, treating others with respect, and successful completion of assessments.


Evaluation involves writing assignments, weekly quizzes, and regular participation.

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Innovation Hall E105 (View Campus Map)


to on Monday, Wednesday and Friday

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