About EE 295 A

Special topics in developing areas of Electrical Engineering. Prerequisite: Senior standing, or Instructor permission.


Pre-req: EE 120 or Instructor Permission; Open to Degree and CDE Students; Cross listed with EE 395 A; Total combined enrollment: 25

Section Description

This course will cover both analog and digital circuit applications. Possible topics include analog to digital converters, optical isolators (linear and non-linear), comparators, voltage to frequency converters, analog switches, voltage references, precision dividers, analog multipliers, multiplexers, phase locked loops, power supply monitoring circuits, instrumentation amplifiers and pulse width modulators. Detailed performance characteristics of op-amps, including offset voltages and currents, input noise characteristics, slew rate and bandwidth will also be covered. The course will be a mix of lab demos and lectures. The goal is to provide students with experience applying off the shelf integrated circuits to engineering problems.

Section Expectation

Implementing circuit and subsystem designs from performance specifications. Students will be able to extract performance specifications from datasheets and work with complex circuit models.


There will be several design projects and problem sets. There will not be any in-class exams. We will complete several designs working from performance requirements to implementation. Most class meeting periods will involve hands on activities in the Votey 334 lab.

Course Dates



Votey Bldg 334 (View Campus Map)


to on Friday

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