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Greenhouse gas emission, Global Climate Change, need for low carbon electrical power. Physics and technology of three sources will be covered: photovoltaics, electrochemical systems (batteries and fuel cells) and nuclear systems, (fission and fusion). Prerequisites: PHYS 125 or PHYS 152.


Prereqs: PHYS 125 or PHYS 152. Energy Systems Elective; Open to Degree and CDE Students; Cross listed with EE 395 C

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Greenhouse gas emission and global climate change accelerate the need for low carbon electrical power (LCEP). This course will discuss the operation and environmental/financial impact of the following low carbon electric energy sources to the grid (large and micro scale): photovoltaics, electrochemical systems (batteries and fuel cells), nuclear systems, wind, hydro, wave and geothermal energy. A special focus is placed on the TRANSITION to and INTEGRATION of LCEP into the current system. Textbooks: Beyond Smoke and Mirrors, Climate Change and Energy in the 21st Century, second ed. by Burton Richter AND Power Generation Technologies, 3rd edition, Paul Breeze (second book e-copy available via the library) Additionally, we will use journal and conference articles to become informed on the state of current research. Graduate students (and undergraduates who want a challenge) will be modeling the operation of LCEP sources guided by current research papers and contrast the modeling results to real operation. More reading, writing, and discussion oriented then your typical engineering course. Assignments often come with degrees of freedom that allow you follow your personal interests in this area. Students of all majors welcome, prerequisite permitting.

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