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Approaches for prevention, correction of reading and written language difficulties. Supervised teaching of individuals and/or small groups experiencing reading and language problems. Apprenticeships in reading instructional program. Pre/co-requisite: Three graduate credits in Reading/Language Arts or Instructor permission.


Open to Graduate and CDE students. Online synchronous

Section Description

This practicum focused course is an opportunity for you to implement your knowledge of literacy research and practice as well as your broader knowledge of education and learning in an intensive teaching context. An important part of your work will be to demonstrate an understanding of the cultural, linguistic and ethnic diversity of the children with whom we work as you plan and make recommendations to parents and school. You will be asked to use and explain research based teaching strategies as you collaborate with colleagues to help each of them develop research based instructional strategies for individual students. You will work with two children experiencing difficulty in literacy learning. For one of these experiences you could consider working with a small group of children not more than three students. Children will be selected to "stretch" your skills in a variety of ways including working with children at an age level with which you are less familiar.

Section Expectation

The main focus of the practicum is designing intervention instruction to meet the needs of each individual child while creating learning opportunities in which both children can participate. This mimics the realities of reading specialists, special educators and small group instruction in classrooms. You will use information from schools, school personnel and parents to determine important next steps for each child. You will then design an instructional program and adjust it daily as you learn more specifically what each child needs. You will conduct assessment, both formal and informal as is necessary to clearly describe each child as a learner and to determine critical next steps for each child's instructional program.

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