About DNCE 060 A

Guided exploration in dance elements for the creative development of personal movement vocabulary, spontaneous group interaction, as well as overall individual and environmental awareness.


Open to Degree and CDE students

Section Description

This course provides students with an opportunity to cultivate and deepen a physical, mental and emotional connection to self, others, space and time. This course invests in the discipline of “play” in order to empower pluralistic and diverse choice-making, as well as critically investigate taken-for-granted cultural understandings. All of this is explored through the centering of body movement, voice activation and personal/group storytelling. This course draws heavily on the philosophical, theoretical, and practical influences of Black American dance forms, specifically Hip Hop and House dance. Course goals and objectives include: 1. To learn specific tools, scores, and creative playgrounds to aid in the process of meaningful movement discovery and sharing 2. To gain an awareness of improvisational-based American dance forms 3. To practice making individual choices that allow us to show up as our most authentic selves, and in regards to the larger group 4. To reflect on the intersection of identity and dance: How do our identities shape our dance and how does dance shape our identities? 5. To observe, listen, follow, lead, contribute, share, and flow 6. To develop strategies for managing personal motivation and concentration: STAY IN IT 7. To build community within the classroom environment 8. To practice confidence, risk-taking and endurance 9. To move from a place of passion, purpose, integrity and ferocity 10. To find nourishment through dance

Section Expectation

This course is movement-based. Students must show up and participate during class in order to pass this course. There will also be discussions, as well as creative reading, video and writing assignments. Students should plan on spending 2-3 hours a week on coursework outside of class. There are no required materials for this course; all will be provided via Black Board.


Students are graded on their active participation in class, weekly assignments, midterm and final projects, and ongoing practice outside of class.

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Cohen Hall 110 (View Campus Map)


to on Monday and Wednesday

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