About SOC 019 A

Analysis of racial prejudice, discrimination, and other dominant group practices directed toward Native, Asian-, and African-Americans and their social movements for integration, accommodation, and separatism. May not be taken for credit concurrently with, or following receipt of, credit for CRES 065.


Cross listed with CRES 096 A; Open to Degree and CDE students

Section Description

This course offers an introduction to patterns of racial and ethnic relations in the United States drawing upon sociological concepts, theories, and research. The sociological approach begins with the premise that race and ethnicity are socially and politically constructed concepts. The goal of this course is to explore how these concepts structure human life and the organization of society. Specific topics include: systems of racial classification; sociological theories of race and ethnicity; ethnoracial identities; immigration; assimilation; racial attitudes and behavior (prejudice, discrimination, racism). In analyzing such wide yet interrelated topics we will also consider the consequences of perceived difference on social outcomes—for example, income, wealth, education, employment, place of residence, and institutional relationships. The first several weeks of the course will be devoted to fundamental sociological concepts and perspectives on race and ethnic relations. During the latter half of the course, emphasis will be placed on the history and social conditions of major ethnoracial groups and the various trends that influence contemporary racial and ethic relations.

Section Expectation

At least six hours a week of work are expected outside of class, per University policy regarding work required for a three credit hour course.

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