About ARTS 012 A

Introduction to contemporary art practice in various media. Explores method and meaning in art making, the role of experimentation, and the translation of experience into artwork.


$145 Lab Fee; AHST, ARTE, FTS, SART Majors; AHST, ARTS, FTS Minors; Restrictions to be lifted the Monday following Registration; Open to Degree and CDE students.

Section Description

Perspectives on Making introduces contemporary art practice; exploring the making, presenting, and analyzing of art works in a variety of media and formats that can include assignments in 2-d, 3-d, 4-d, installation & performative work at the discretion of each instructing faculty. Assignments in my course employ 2-d, and 3-d this semester. Students will explore the relationships between methods and meanings and the role of experimentation in art making. The translation of experience into artistic form, and the value of diligence, persistence, and iterative making, will be major themes of the course. Critiques are an integral part of the class.

Section Expectation

Course Learning Objectives Through three course areas: studio, critique, and seminar; the course explores considerations of concept, content, context, form, and technique. It further introduces concepts, vocabulary, skill sets, formats, and models of making that utilize a variety of media that may include drawing, painting, color, photography, and three-dimensional construction. The intention is to promote the development of each student’s individual voice; and demonstrate how reading, talking, and looking are integral to making. These concepts and goals introduce students to artistic and cultural practices in the field.


Attendance Policy and Classroom Environment Expectations: Attendance: • More than three absences = one full letter grade drop • Repeated late class arrival = an absence. • More than five absences = class failure • All missed work must be made up for full credit. Homework: • All homework is due the following class unless otherwise noted. Grading Criteria/Policies: Grades will be based on the quality of the assigned work including the following: • Visually demonstrated understanding of instructed concepts & techniques • Originality and risk taking • Critical thinking – evidenced by the ability to rethink and rework visual solutions • Mastery of techniques/materials, and problem awareness • Class participation in discussions and critiques • Dedication to self-directed work. • Please note that I reserve the right to grade on a curve. A: The “A” student exhibits keen attention to craft, concept, and presentation. The “A” student understands the potential in each assignment and creates artwork that surpasses expectations. The “A” student is always well prepared for class, asks great questions, and is not afraid to take risks. An “A” student always strives for a greater understanding, inspiration and clarity in the work, shows evidence of extensive outside class work, and has an excellent attendance record. B: The “B” student completes all assignments with care paid to craft and presentation. The “B” student understands the formal and conceptual principles of each assignment and participates in critiques and discussions. The “B” student’s work improves throughout the semester. C: The “C” student adequately completes all assignments, but only does the minimum required. The “C” student sometimes participates in critiques or discussions but rarely extends or stretches themselves through their artwork. The “C” student’s work improves little over the semester. D: The “D” student completes most, but not all, of the class assignments on time. The Quality of craft and presentation in the work is consistently below average, and the “D” student doesn’t voluntarily participate in critiques or discussions. A “D” student is often unprepared for class and demonstrates little improvement over the course of the semester. F: The “F” student is a rarity, having shown an utter disregard for the structure of the class or an interest in assignments. Work is unfinished, sloppy, and incomplete. An “F” student usually has an unacceptable attendance record. • Please note: I reserve the right to grade on a curve. Assessments (Graded Work): • Assignments will be submitted to power point slides in Microsoft Teams for critiques & grading. • In person critiques for evaluation and grading also. • Critique participation • Please note: I reserve the right to grade on a curve. Mid -term and Final: • Project assignments and sketchbook • All assignments are equally weighted for the mid-term grade • Assignments are critiqued in person and submitted with photographic documentation uploaded to Power Points in Microsoft Teams (TBD)

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